🍕 Pizza 🍕 Machine v1.5

Welcome to my first project on repl.it, Pizza Machine!

Since everybody loves to eat pizza, (right?), I made this project.

random person: i hate pizza!

This is a simple text-based game, but it took actually took over 200 lines of code.

brain: actually wait that might not be that much : [

But even if it's not that much, still a lot of effort and time went into it, so please upvote or something like that.

I will be coming out with Pizza Machine v2.0 soon! It will have cool things like special pizzas, more ASCII art (maybe), and cool stuff like that!


  1. admire my amazing ASCII art in the intro.
  2. have fun choosing toppings for your dream pizza.
  3. wait for the pizza to bake, and then pay for it. ( just kidding )
  4. upvote.
  5. suggest more toppings. ( i would love that! )
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I like pineapple on pizza too! I've only had it a few times.