Pi day!
Coder100 (17086)

𝜋 day!

Hello everyone! Did you know that tomorrow today is 3/14?

And do you know what 3/14 looks like?


And what is 3.14?
The first 3 digits of 𝜋!


This countdown will count all the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until 𝜋 day! Get ready to memorize 100 digits of pi!


I can memorize 28 digits of pi!


Can you do better? No looking at any works of reference or any websites that relate to 𝜋 in any way.

Challenge 2

Create a project in any language related to 𝜋! Post them here and I will put them in a new gallery!

Please vote up!

If we can get to 3 votes, it would be close enough to 𝜋 :/ Reached!
If we can get to 31 votes, it would be even closer to 𝜋⨯10 :) Reached!
If we can get to 314 votes, it would be even closer to 𝜋⨯100 :D


Even if you can't remember that many digits, at least know


before 𝜋 day!

Fun game!

What is 𝜋?
𝜋 is an irrational number meaning it never terminates (stops), and it has no human-distinguishable pattern to it. (meaning the numbers are near random to the human).
𝜋 seems pretty useless...
𝜋 is anything but useless! You can use it to calculate the area of a circle: 𝜋r², and the surface area of a sphere: 4𝜋r² and basically calculate the areas, surface areas, and volumes of anything round.
How do you derive 𝜋?
Cut out a circle, and measure along the sides (circumference).
Then, measure the diameter. To find it, move your ruler along the circle and measure the lengths. The longest length is the diameter.
Now, your approximation of 𝜋 is circumference ÷ diameter.

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bgrubert (189)

I know it's too late but can you please add my pi-day code? https://pi-calculator.bgrubert.repl.co/ @Coder100

Coder100 (17086)

Sure! You have been added! @bgrubert

Coder100 (17086)

No problem!
It's the coolest one I've seen in terms of math...
Would you like to walk me through on how it works? @bgrubert

bgrubert (189)

@Coder100 The code creates 2 very large numbers which are used to create another very large number like 3141592653589793238... It then cuts off the last 20 digits which aren't accurate digits of pi and outputs the result.

JDOG787 (431)

@Coder100 Do you want to work on surviv3?

Coder100 (17086)

Sure! Meet you in 10!
Gotta do a few errands @JDOG787

JDOG787 (431)

@Coder100 Do you want to work on surviv3?

JDOG787 (431)

do you want to work on surviv3? @Coder100