SCP Database!
angrydoge (481)

SCP Database

Hoi! Welcome to my project, SCP database!

It scrapes for results, try it out!

Why am I doing this instead of school

Hope you enjoy it!


Just put in the SCP number
Um duh...

This is my first time with BeautifulSoup so it took the whole morning
pls updoot

okeh bai

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JaydenLiu1 (40)

I knew there was an SCP fan here!

angrydoge (481)

What SCP thing should I make next tho @JaydenLiu1

JaydenLiu1 (40)

@dabombdgdzjr IDK Probably SCP Containment Breach

angrydoge (481)

lol how would I do that I suck at 3D and graphics @JaydenLiu1

JaydenLiu1 (40)

@dabombdgdzjr You know what? I'll make it with Python Text-Based.