City Destroyer

A game made for KaJam

The city dwellers have always called you as a crazy man who lives in the woods. You are very annoyed by that so after a year, you have finally found all of the ingredients for a life-stealing potion. The more you kill and attack people the bigger and stronger you become as you attack stronger, have higher health and you can heal yourself with their blood as well. Now you've decided to attack their city, your main objective is to attack their most expensive skyscraper on the far right end of the city. Besides that, you can also destroy other buildings to prevent more people coming out to fight you.

W - Jump
AD - move left and right
Left click - kick attack, lower damage than swing but can kick stuff on the ground
Right click - swing attack, higher damage than kicking but as you get bigger, you won't be able to reach the people on the ground so you have to kick them

Remember to not die, have fun :)!

Feedback is appreciated

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I haven't seen you active in a long time. This is an amazing game!


@VulcanWM Thanks a bunch! I stopped making stuff on replit for a while because I was focused on game dev and other stuff. I still have some projects I would like to complete on replit though


That’s cool! @mkhoi