Wack a Mole
AndrewZhao1 (60)

Wack the mole over and over again until you get tired. This took me around 4 hours. (You can now see the highscore)(also how is this on trending? I literally started 5 days ago)

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EpicGamer007 (1615)

I have an idea. Why don't you hold a variable for the amount of milliseconds to wait and each time, you decrease the variable by a few milliseconds so that it gets harder and harder each time!

AndrewZhao1 (60)

@AbhayBhat the games already so hard ya know...

dj43365 (1)

@AndrewZhao1 your game is easy with js

AndrewZhao1 (60)

@dj43365 hard to get a good score