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I guess I remade Spikes Tend To Kill You?
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Well, after the death of Flash, spikes tend to kill you (which was a really fun and difficult flash platformer) has since died.
Press F to pay respects.

BUT, I have just remembered that I coded something very similar over the summer!
It's also a platformer that uses spikes and is very rage-inducing, with almost the same blocks.
Just the level design is different.
I coded it in HTML, CSS, and JS.

My graphics are a lot more simplistic though...

How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move around. Get to the blue block to go to the next level.
At the end of the game, it freezes (because I'm lazy and didn't make a end screen).
There's 31 or so levels right now. I can make more if any of you ever beat it :)

The bottom left corner displays time since you began playing the game (in seconds). The bottom right displays which level you are on.

I know this is pretty hackable from the console. But like, that just ruins the fun doesn't it?

Good luck everyone!
(PS - my record is like 16 minutes so I think you all can beat me)
(Also PS - I am not liable for any damage done to your device due to raging after dying on a level at the very end)

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thine must teacheth me how to maketh thee platformer gameth