Online multiplayer game - collect coins and don't fall through holes - Stay up game

This is a game where holes will randomly form on the map and you have to avoid them. You need to collect coins in order to increase your score multiplier and increase your score.

To learn how to play, click 'learn how to play' on the join game screen.

It is an online, multiplayer game.

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I got this:
You have been removed from this game as the server has detected potential cheating.

This does not mean that you were cheating in the game. Please let us know if this is a mistake, and we will try to correct this problem.

Note: You have not been banned, you have only been removed from this game.

but looks pretty cool, if you get paired up with someone!


@maxina Hi, thanks for trying it. I need to work on the anti cheat a bit because it is currently not working very well.


@maxina You probably were not cheating, but my games anti cheat doesn't work very well currently.