Five Nights at Freddy's 1 remake

FNaF is one of my favorite games. I decided to create a remake of the game in python.


l: check left door
r: check right door
c: look at cameras
spacebar: continue with the night
(when looking at door):
c: close door
o: open door

This game is really hard

I've only made it to night 4. It gets really hard on night 3.

If anybody can make it to night 6, they are a legend and need to take a screenshot immediatly!


when you press spacebar, it may not seem like anything happens, but it time continues when you press it.

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I found an error.


@NoahJospeh What was happening, what night were you on?


@RhinoRunner this was during night 2. And I also discovered that after Chika is outside your right door, the cams will then say that she is in the office, bt the only office is my office, and I don't think Chika would just be chillin' with me. I think Chika would love to shove my face into a Freddy Fazbear suit.


If chica (or any of the animatronics) are in your office, you die. The fact that the cameras said Chica was in the office is weird, because by that time you should be dead.
Probably something I should look into. Most of the code here is garbage anyway.

Did you ever get attacked by foxy?