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I found a bug in repl.... but nobody wants to believe me
firefish (1004)

I sent an empty message (it contained a blank unicode character)to @HahaYes , and he said I 404ed him. I DID NOT!
Here is the message:

Here is it's link:
This causes a 404 error because the two slashes in a row are interpreted as one. But @HahaYes isn't believing me that I didn't 404 him.

HahaYes (1914)

yo thanks for the shoutout XD

firefish (1004)

@HahaYes HahaNo, i think better.

firefish (1004)

@aryan2010 I know. I didn't mean to. The only other person that actually does believe me is @Jakman.

firefish (1004)

@aryan2010 Do you know which mod I should speak to about this?
Or should I ask Mr. @DynamicSquid which mod