"Animated" ASCII Cactus
CodingCactus (4138)

Dancing Cactus

The most beautiful thing (a cactus (obviously)) can now be endlessly shown in front of your face.


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xxpertHacker (864)

I feel like you went through necessary work, is there a reverse function for strings in Python? If so, it would've used a single variable.

Also, the loop constantly joins the arrays, you could've done this:

cactus2 = "\n".join([

Now it just sets the variable and reads from it.

CodingCactus (4138)

@StudentFires ik, the join was added later on, so it was just thrown in there, I'll change it for you :)

xxpertHacker (864)

@CodingCactus Ha, you don't need to, I do stuff like that because I'm an optimization freak, I'm been doing some insane stuff when it comes to code recently.

Just wait until my template comes out, lol!

xxpertHacker (864)

@CodingCactus It's definitely going to be something else... unfortunately it's not going to be too accessible, it'll be in C++ and JavaScript.

Most Repl users don't know C++.