Horror Game

Hello, I'm a student whos trying to learn how to code. May you please help me make a scary game? I've been tring to learn for the couple of days and getting some information. I haven't started it yet since I'm struggling with it. Please heelp me :/


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I don't think the Share board is the right place to ask about someone collaborating with you. Maybe ask in the discord or something.

First off, you shouldn't be diving directly into making a horror game without learning basic code. At least try and learn kaboom or another framework and have a good understanding of javascript before you try.
There are some good sites out there where you can learn from like https://freecodecamp.org, the tutorials on replit, https://codeacademy.com, and more.

Unfortunately, I'm too busy to be able to help you.
Good luck and Happy Coding :)