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HyperDocs - Notes app - A text editor like never before
PixiGem (219)

Welcome to my all-new app made in python flask!

How to use -

  • login with replit
  • Click on the 'Untitled Note' to rename the note
  • Delete The 'Default Content' and type your text
  • The text you type is automatically saved :)

feel free to report any bugs and don't forget to upvote

For all the ppl with the css glitch, refresh the page and it will work

ScreenShots -

I will add a few editing tools once this post hits 50 upvotes


ch1ck3n (2874)

Yes, it is broken.

PixiGem (219)

@ch1ck3n is that the problem with screen size? ig yes. I tried it on my cousin's laptop and the same problem occurred, sadly idk how to make a website responsive

PixiGem (219)

@ch1ck3n When I resized the browser window, the problem didn't occur for meh tho -

RayhanADev (2696)

The CSS is broken lol. Also this is just an editable <p> tag that saves data in localStorage maybe add more features :>?

PixiGem (219)

@RayhanADev I've heard you use IPAD, this is only for PC or laptop bruh, yeah, I will make responsive soon

PixiGem (219)

@RayhanADev and yeah, as I said in descrip, I will add editing features once this hits 50 updoots.

RayhanADev (2696)

A. Fonts should load on any device, if you blame it on me using an iPad (not to be mean) that's kinda sad :(
B. Don't ask for upvotes, they mean nothing and it just reflects poorly on you and will get you reported

JWZ6 (752)

@RayhanADev yup i made a note taker ill make it better