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How to program a bot
cuber1515 (57)

How to Program a Bot

I've noticed when trying to look things up like how to program a bot it can be very hard to find a good tutorial and once you do it's typically just the beginner's stuff, which is good at first when you're a beginner but after that you need to learn the more complicated stuff and that's hard to find. That's why I put together a website that goes from beginners all the way to embeds (and has links to other websites I have found that can be helpful). This website doesn't have everything (because I'm still figuring it out) but if you are somebody who knows more than what I put on there please leave a comment about it and I will add it if I can.

if there is any problems with the website please let me now in the comments bellow

P.S. Please check out my J-bot post and invite J-bot.

Thanks for actually taking the time to read this far.

Your life is up here but you comment bellow |-/

DynamicSquid (4919)

Awesome! This is really nice :)

cuber1515 (57)

@DynamicSquid Thanks. Tell me if it helps (if you actually use it).

DynamicSquid (4919)

@cuber1515 Oh sorry, I don't really use discord bots that often :/

cuber1515 (57)

@DynamicSquid don't worry it's fine.

just changing the world one squid at a time