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How to calculate the golden ratio!


The Golden Ratio appears frequently in nature, like in flowers. Ancient Civilizations knew this and built structures like the Parthenon, which makes the buildings and flowers appear pleasing to the eye. The method I am using here is :
If a sequence begins a, b, a + b, a + 2b, 2a + 3b.....
I can take any term and divide it by the term before that, and the value will converge to the golden ratio.

For people who like math but ran out of things to calculate.
Convergent (not exact but very close)
Alternatively, you may use this formula:
(1+sqrt(5)) / 2
which is what I and

used to calculate the golden ratio

1 year ago




you did not give much context on what the golden ratio is and why it is useful

1 year ago
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