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How fast can you CODE?
Coder100 (18178)

Typing Game

Have you ever wondered how fast you can code? Have you been frustrated by limits of your typing speed? Maybe you couldn't get as many upvotes because you typed too slowly

Don't worry, this fun program with a beautiful UI will not only improve your typing skills but you can also be on the LEADERBOARD...


Who switches a layout without the sole purpose of making a typing game? I'm not an exception and I made this. Cool!


Now there are quotes in SQL and others. Enjoy!
It's also unblocked here: @angrydoge but you can fork it if it's still blocked.

@programmeruser I added backspace you meanie also now it's like freely delete and wrong chars can become 'correct' (it will still count in your accuracy tho)

Added even more quotes and updated the leaderboard. Please, only one comment at a time so I can get around to everyone as quickly as possible!

How to play

  1. Press enter
  2. Type as fast as you can
  3. Take a screenshot of the new high score you made and share it on this post! You will be added to the leaderboard shortly.
  4. Keep typing and you will get faster and faster! :D



me go fast


All right, if you didn't know I have a phone now, so I'm going to exploit all the features I can with it. Maybe make some apps I have always wanted to make who knows?

Can you beat me? My high score is 85 as in the screenshot. Some quotes are short so you might be able to beat me.

You can also contribute quotes, just comment them! Yay!

IGamer123 (76)

Ahhh, I beat the record of everyone.

Am i on the leaderboard yet
Lol this is my actual record -

MikeJMS8910 (160)

Imagine typing out every single character and not just typing 'pr', press ENTER and get print()

tickedoffsquid (17)

i dont code very fast if I don't know what I'm coding :(

tickedoffsquid (17)

meanwhile me, typing at around 122 wpm on mobile but slower on computer.

TheC0derGirl (250)


after taking out the minus symbol—

aidan7656 (2)

Maybe this can be a quote? I actually have a project that if you'd like you can pull quotes from. print('\033[08m' "x")x =random.randint(1, 10)if x <= 1:print("\033[0;94m" "You have arrived to my first!")print("Welcome!") I mainly chose this section because it has all of the symbols. If you need to shorten it down I totally understand.

Techcraft7 (6)

"WPM: 14.73" hmm yes

Ponali (1)

i'm not fast at this, also the alert() on the code i typed is really real, but nice job!

DarkswordsmanJG (43)

I suck at this, great game!

RahulChoubey1 (173)


I am a slow bruh

ThomasSheumaker (4)

I think I need a spot on the leader board!

JulianaGeneva (2)

You should have 2 leaderboards, 1 for accuracy and one for speed. :)

XanthusPettitt (10)

maybe you can add, "for i in range(10): cookies are good, but cake is better" or just the for loop

XanthusPettitt (10)

totally not based on what dynamic squid said lol

Myztiq (22)

yo directly after it

Myztiq (22)

even tho this isnt the best im still suprised that i got 100 percent accuracy and beat my record on both

peternielsen112 (38)

WPM 88.49
Accuracy 100.00 New Record!

AmazingMech2418 (1087)

Don't worry, I know I have kind of a reputation here of hacking things, but this is legit. LOL!

AmazingMech2418 (1087)


class MyClass { public: const char* main() { std::cout << "Can you guess what lang this is?"; } };

C++? It just seems like a class declaration in C++. I have no idea why you'd use a class for this, but IDK...