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How are you doing on the leaderboard?
PYer (4012)


Positions allows you to challenge yourself with goals and it tells you what you need to do to get better. Try it out, and good luck advancing.
You can enter anybodies username to see how they are doing. I am hoping this gives me the 54 cycles I need to get back on the leaderboard. AMASAD!

Recent Updates

It now shows you your recent posts and their comments/upvotes.


It just came to me that Pyer has more upvotes than the # Ceo of repl a.k.a amasad. He also upvoted.

PYer (4012)

First one to pass him :) I used to have the most cycles, until Coder100 passed me. I stopped using for a while, and I only use it a little bit now. @LOLguy1123455


I don't know about you but if I passed him I'd be 😎😎
and if Coder100 past me then I would be 😲.




@IEATPYTHON Im gonna make my way up now

PYer (4012)

@IEATPYTHON Cool! Show me it when you finish, and please upvote this. Thanks!