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Hotbox! (Puzzle Game)
cosc (31)



WASD to move
R to restart


  • YOU => Blue
  • Box => Brown
  • Ice => Cyan
  • Magma => Orange
  • Wall => Grey
  • Win Tile => Dark Yellow


  • Move the boxes to the Win Tile.
  • Ice will make the boxes lose temperature.
  • Magma will make the boxes gain temperature.
  • Don't let the boxes exceed +40°C or -40°C, otherwise you lose.


HELO ((exclamation)) ama brazilian and
i lov games           ,           lets make games TOGHETER 0 ͜ʖ 0 !!!!!COME HERE MAN BRAZIL IS NOT THAT BAD

seriously, message me, i would love to improve my english skills while doing something i love: making games!

this is my first game, made in 6 days for a jam (but unfortunaly) after the deadline, the theme was "Temperature is Key".

SudhanshuMishra (247)

how do i solve the third one ?

cosc (31)

@SudhanshuMishra thank you also for this feedback, someone else warned me about this level... what do you recommend i do?

CrazyVideoGamer (11)

@SudhanshuMishra move the box at the bottom to the right, off the ice.

cosc (31)

@CrazyVideoGamer it will break the "aha" moment, which will be replaced with "really!?", so i'm letting the players do their best

cosc (31)

@CrazyVideoGamer don't give the answer that easy man! this break the magic of the game! just a little help is enough

SudhanshuMishra (247)

wow this is really nice and logical

SeamusDonahue (457)

I won with 296 moves! great game!

cosc (31)

@SeamusDonahue thank you so much! really!1!!!11

CrazyVideoGamer (11)

@SeamusDonahue lol, i won with 3227 moves
(EDIT: I retried and got 630 moves :DDD)
(EDIT 2: I re re tried and got 396 moves :OO)

cosc (31)

@CrazyVideoGamer wow that's pretty good, the others played when there was only 6 levels, the average score now is 4000! (here is a secret: use the konami code and see what happens)

SeamusDonahue (457)

what is select/start in this case @cosc

cosc (31)

@SeamusDonahue there's no need to do this, just do the first movements ;)

SeamusDonahue (457)

lol I just tried it, that's cool! @cosc

Darkbob135 (7)

All these levels are great! But you should add a way to redo levels in the future for higher scores. (Mine was 418 first attempt)

cosc (31)

@Darkbob135 ah yes, i already thought about it but none of my friends talked about it so i didn't pay so much attention, but ok man! i will try to do that, thank you so much :D

cosc (31)

@ZarmDev thanks a lot!! if you really liked it, can you upvote this post plissss?

cosc (31)

In how many moves did you finish the game?