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Hop-Fighter version 0.4!
kaldisberzins (343)

I am delighted to announce that Hop-Fighter v0.4 is out! If you don't know already, Hop-Fighter is a platformer multiplayer shooter game. The objective is simple - shoot your enemies and get as many kills as you can!
Play the game:

A/D-Move left/right

See the changelog and what has changed since the last version:

The newest version now also supports custom map design (I have to manually add it to the game but you can send maps to me). All you have to do is go to: and make a map (Note: use ctrl+- to zoom out to make bigger maps and always include a spawnpoint(the flag icon) in a map (you can have more than one)). Then scroll down to the bottom and press compile. Auto generated code will appear underneath. Send this to me and if I like it, I might add it! You can also save it somewhere and then paste it in that textbox at the bottom and click load and the map will load up. However, if you had previously edited the map on a specific zoom, make sure to go back to that before loading or stuff may break :(.

If you find any bugs (there will be some) you can message me on the discord server where I am @KiloGram. You can also comment on this post. Same goes for any improvements you would like or any new features :).

Mosrod (525)

Wow! Love the music and the new maps!