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Homework Assistant!
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Hello Replit! Do you need help with your homework, and need a functional calculator, timer or To-Do list right by your side? Well, that is what this Homework Assistant is all about! This program, around 2000 lines of code, can help you calculate, time, and track all of your work in seconds. Made possible with Python and Turtle, your homework troubles will come to an end.

!Note! The code does take a while to load, so be patient about it

!Note! If you open the actual code, there are comments telling you what most of the code does

All three parts of the code do have rules before hand - Read them before you being

• 4 main operations
• Exponents, Positive/Negative, Percents, Decimal Point
• Clear button added for simplicity of ending a calculation
• Home and Rules button for easy moving through programs

• Dashboard underneath the timer with numbers 0-9
• Pause and Resume button to start and stop your timer
• Reset and Undo Button used to help when setting the timer
• Ability to enter the To-Do list and Calculator while timer is still running (You will get a notification when it is done)
The timer sometimes is off by a minute or two depending on the duration of your timer

ToDo List
• 8 places to track your work
• Use your keyboard to type (special characters aren't included - only the letters, numbers, space, and backspace)
• Boxes on clipboard that allow you to mark if you finished it or not
• To-Do List automatically saves when you enter the Calculator or To-Do List

!Note! If you close the entire program, none of your work will be saves for future re-vists

mnichols17 - Maya
She helped me with the code, and was there to help me since November 2020

For making this code even possible

Creators Note:
The homework assistant carries the bulk of the homework lifestyle every day. From timing how long you read, to checking off all of your homework assignments, you couldn't forget or miss a thing. Of course, there is always room for improvement, so if you have any suggestions or problems you have with the program please let me know!
Thanks Again!!
- Siri092609

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