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Hollow Knight Clicker V2
FallenAngel6 (31)

Check out V1.

V2 has been made harder after I added Dreamers (unlockable with essence) and the Dream Nail into the game


  • Click the SOUL totem to gain SOUL
  • After obtaining enough soul you can buy upgrades
    • Upgrading nail would increase your SOUL per click by 1
    • Buying a Kingsoul would give you 10 SOUL per second
    • Buying a Soul Catcher would increase your multiplier by 1
    • Using Crystal Heart will give you a short boost of SOUL (on top of the amount of soul you spent)
    • Buying and upgrading your Dream Nail will allow you to gain essence allowing you to unlock Dreamers
    • Obtaining 3 Dreamers allow you to ascend
    • After you ascend, you win
snyntakk (0)

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