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HolidayDoodler | Holiday Drawings!
ObiVibKenobi (169)


What is it?

Holiday doodler is a project that draws some of the popular winter-related things, including a snowman, a present, and a snowy day!

How do I use it?

Just run the repl, and follow the prompt in the terminal. You should see your choice appear in the window above!

What Can I draw With It?

  • A Christmas Tree
  • A Snowman
  • Rudolph
  • A Snowy Day
  • A Present
  • A Menorah
  • A Kinara

How Can I Show If I Like This?

If you like it, please click the upvote button! Feel free to give me criticism, advice, or other comments in the comments section!

**DISCLAIMER - This software was not made as a racist or otherwise discriminatory project, and the use of holidays of certain religions is not used for the intention of cultural appropriation, bullying, or otherwise malicious purposes.