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Hold Da Button!
Bookie0 (6031)

Hey everyone!

How's life?


If you think life is boring, well guess what, here is a game to cure your boredom!

With the immense help of @SpicedSpices , we made a game that all of you will love!


1) Signup/login
2) Hold the big red button (if help is needed please contact us)
3) Keep holding
4) Release when ready
5) Check out the leaderboard
6) Repeat!


You should play this game as it will make you happier. it will make you happier if when you reach the top of the leaderboard.


The first 4 who reach 30 hours 30 minutes will win...

2 1 cycle!

yea so we hope you enjoy it!

Thanks again to @SpicedSpices for doing this with me xD

Feel free to comment, tips, suggestions, talk, execessive pinging, etc.

And if you enjoyed, Upvoting Is Caring! :)

Have a not boring and great day!

disclaimer: once you press and hold the button again, it will take your final score. this game is subject to your own risk!
BenCavanaugh (17)

If you hold it down then drag your mouse off the screen it keeps pressing this, and you can keep repeating this task to make it go up extremely fast

also what is a cycle and can I have mine

Bookie0 (6031)

oh ok thanks!

cycles are like reputation points, but they mean nothing. here's your first cycle! @BenCavanaugh

CodingRobot12 (186)

I got 30 minutes and this is a good game.

VulcanWM (2342)


1865 seconds = 31.08333 minutes


Me: Came here via ur portfolio thinking it's made in HTML,css,js and thought I can make a game like this.

Also me: Why is it "PURE" JavaScript?

Bookie0 (6031)

Hum i made this with someone else lol but there is some HTML and CSS @Hacky


I hate JS, @Bookie0, I use python instead to get rid of it

Warhawk947 (519)

i got 32 minutes give me cycle kthxbye

adsarebbbad (215)

all i can say is.......the console is overpowered

adsarebbbad (215)

you really need to update the leaderboard @Bookie0

adsarebbbad (215)

why doesnt it count when you hold it for infinite seconds?

Wilke000 (625)

Wilke000 held the button for 100 seconds.

firefish (915)

@Bookie0 Apparently if you click and hold the button or some time, and let go, it keeps on holding.... I was away for 30 minutes and this happened

Bookie0 (6031)

yea its a hack that cant be solved :( @johnstev111


@Bookie0 found exploit all u gotta do is put in this command in the console

timer = 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

RIP.... I was on 2963 and my wifi went out

It didn't get saved on the leaderboard either :(


Pretty much 50 minutes


2963 seconds = 49.3833333 minutes


@Bookie0 This is a very addictive game


@Bookie0 Finally, a highscore on a game

Bookie0 (6031)

Again, if you need help locating the button to press, please contact us!