pretty cool web chatroom if i say so myself
rafrafraf (1392)

the server:

the server is in python using the sanic library for requests.

you can join any room(provided you have the password if its locked) and talk to everyone in real time, and see who else is in each room.

you can create your own room, upload a background image for the room, name it and put a password on if you want to make it private.

i made the server and client from scratch in under 2 days so i'm quite pleased with it - i'm 17 doing a level computing.

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Hmmm, this is some weird stuff. I highly would discourage the bad stuff on the site, but ok.


Do you see what people are posting? You should get rid of [email protected]

rafrafraf (1392)

@Ihatenoeffort i havent seen anything bad to be honest what did u see lol


69 members online. The room names. It's not kid-friendly. Just because ur 17 doesn't mean that the generation after us, the 13 yr olds, will enjoy it. @rafrafraf

rafrafraf (1392)

@Ihatenoeffort the number 69 is completely appropriate for 13 year olds and i dont see anyone else complaining about it. the room names are not all made by be, actually most of them are made by random people, its also my decision whether or not i want to moderate my website, and for now i havent implemented filtering for room names or chats.


Ok then @rafrafraf

chippycoder08 (16)

I kind of agree with you @Ihatenoeffort. There are some inappropriate rooms.

rafrafraf (1392)

@chippycoder08 me too but i just havent gotten to filtering just yet, only started it a couple days ago so no where near complete yet 😅

techgeek680 (73)

I made a report room. Hopefully it'll work 😅. @rafrafraf