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Hello to my BEST nodejs project!

I made from a long time! in vs code!

So I decided to post it right now!

Blogs make and read!
Read the rules post!

with the mongodb version!

Style your blog with markdown!
Add comments!
everyone can see your blog with the name and when he posted it!


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Hi @ZDev1, This is such a well coded project. I like the fact that you are using the bad-words node package - great idea. How did you store your environment variables?


@rjlevy well I thought.. to use the bad-words library to clean the post from bad words
but I failed
can you help me?
also thanks for your suggestions!


Hi @ZDev1, are you using the clean method as shown in the documentation from the bad-words npm, like this:

const Filter = require('bad-words'); const filter = new Filter(); console.log(filter.clean('these are the bad words'));


@rjlevy yes
I know the documentation
but how can I use the clean function to clean ejs elements?
because post parts (title, author, markdown, etc.) are made of a mongodb schema and ejs elemnts <%= article.title %>
so I'll be happy if you found the problem!


@rjlevy also I used bad-words in my chat app!

also do you have discord?
if yes, give me your username if to talk with you


Thanks @ZDev1, the chatapp looks great. This link works: but this link doesn't work:

My discord username is: Roland#8689

I am moving house at the moment so if you don't hear back from me it just means I am on the road or busy. What's your username?


@rjlevy my username is ZDev1#4511
also this is the chatapp...
because it is private, lol


@rjlevy I sent the request


Hi @ZDev1, sounds like an interesting challenge. I'll take a look when I have some time soon :)