Bob is back for good this time! Haven't seen the original post or expecting just another chain of preprogrammed if statements?

The main difference between this and the original Bob are:

  • This one plans to stay running. I got a small version of it to run on repl so it should be on now.
  • This one isn't as smart as the original Bob but is still good.
  • Because the AI runs on limited hardware(Thanks to google collab since repl can't install the packages required) it can take at least 10-20 seconds to respond if you are the only one using Bob, I haven't timed whether or not multiple people using it at the same time affects the speed.

Make sure to bookmark this page because we plan on using the AI for other potentially useful to just funny projects later on!
By we WE mean @CSharpIsGud (All the JavaScript stuff) and @RohilPatel (The nice HTML and CSS that makes it look fancy) which you should expect more posts from on projects using this AI.

You can chat with Bob here!

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