Yep, is down at the moment
AdithyaOlivanna (9)

Everyone, don't worry if you get the 'failed to connect, retrying' error. Apparently a lot of people are facing this issue right at this moment. We should all wait for to fix this. According to previous knowledge, runs on heroku and google cloud. Maybe their servers are down. We just have to wait and see how this turns out.

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qualladoom (366)

Hey everyone, we're experiencing some infrastructure difficulties. Specifically around loading repls. You might still be able to load your repl.

Earlier this morning we had a huge surge in traffic that caused a cascade of issues we're trying to debug. We're unsure if the traffic surge is legit or caused by a DDoS. Please bear with us.

eekboi (285)

@enigma_dev Any idea on who may have caused this? Also you can check the IP of the users that came in today to see if they're Ddos attacks.