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Drawing using the Python Turtle
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Drawing squirals using the python turtle

The Python Turtle can be used to draw a number of interesting shapes. The general method is to:

  • Create a turtle
  • Set its line colour, width, drawing speed, the length of the first line to be drawn to a value, such as 2 pixels, and the angle the turtle is to turn through after each line segment is drawn (e.g. 90 degrees)
  • Set its pen to the pen up position
  • Go to the point where the drawing is to start
  • Put the pen down
  • Draw a line of a set length from the starting point towards the right
  • Turn the turtle through the previously set angle
  • Add a few pixels to the length of the next line to be drawn
  • Repeat the line drawing, turning and line lengthening as many times as is wanted

If the turning angle is 90 degrees then the shape drawn will be a squiral. Here is some code that will do that.

import turtle wn = turtle.Screen() wn.bgcolor(0, 0, 0) t = turtle.Turtle() t.speed(0) t.penup() t.pensize(1) t.pencolor(255, 0, 0) number_of_lines = 100 line_length = 2 line_length_increase = 2 turn_angle = 90 t.pendown() for _ in range(number_of_lines): t.forward(line_length) t.left(turn_angle) line_length += line_length_increase t.penup()

To draw more interesting shapes use an angle other than 90 degrees. The program used in this repl does that by choosing a random angle. The line colour and number of lines drawn are also randomised.

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