Free Cycles
Coder100 (18199)


You work HARD on your new idle game!
Then, after some time, you post it on!
However, nobody upvotes your post.
And, you have promised your friend you will get to 100 cycles today! You are at 90 and desperately need 10 to get those $10!

The solution

Free Cycles!
Using this hacky method made by @coder100 You can get 10 upvotes per click! The website is also loaded with very helpful FAQs.

Don't let the mods see!

If the mods see, we won't be able to use this hacky method anymore :(

About cycles

Cycles may not be the most interesting thing on, but that will soon change. According to @mat1, a local moderator, Cycles will be used soon to be made into a priceless currency to buy faster-compiling machines for a better experience on! Better stock up on cycles soon :)

Did you know: uses graphQL

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PYer (4009)

Hey, @CSharpIsGud and @3465728974563! I was checking out @Coder100 's profile, and I came across this. Reading the comments, there seemed to have been a debate here. 1) What I would recommend, is maybe bring it up to the moderators next time you see something like that. 2) The only problem is, that most people enjoy things that are creative, or funny. 3) I agree with both sides of this argument. The first time a print(eval(input())) was posted, it was a cool thing! When people repeatedly attempt to gather cycles from the same thing, it definetely gets annoying though. 4) Just remember, that if you make something that others would find funny or creative, it would probably amount to more cycles 5) Being able to create something complicated doesn't mean anything (and therefore recieves less cycles), if nobody likes it, right? People upvote things if they like them, not if the code is complicated.
Sorry I'm a little late to this debate, but this is a recurring issue, and I thought I would express my opinion.