Google Dino Game

So...I found Google's dino game source code.


I created this using, a library in js that makes simple games easier to make. This is partly because I started coding with and that uses Anyway, I recreated the dinosaur game some time ago and found it today, browsing through my projects.

You play it like the normal game. I misplaced the sound files so until i find them again or recreate them there will be no sound in this. The other features that are missing are the pterodactyls and night. Other than those things this could be google dino game's long lost twin.

I guess I should like, credit google so...

This code was made by me but idea used from They deserve like 99% credit.

Ok...that's all. Bye.

Edit : I'm going to try and add the other features as well, like the pterodactyls and the night time. I will also try and include the easter eggs from the original game, if i find any on the internet.

Update Log :

Apologies, I was in the middle of adding the pterodactyls, and the game had some glitches for some time. I have removed the extra parts and am working on them in another repl. The glitches are gone now. I will add the features to this as soon as i fix all the bugs. Thanks. Also, YAY POG THIS IS MY FIRST TRENDING REPL TYSM REPL COMMUNITY!!!

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Here then:
I’ll delete the link as soon as you reply to this comment so save the link somewhere