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Help Wanted! Astrum's Cookie Clicker.
AstrumDeorum (142)

Today has been the worst recorded day in development, things have been breaking left, right, and center, and it's starting to become an absolute nuisance.
I'd like help from folks with experience in coding stuff like this because I cannot fix all these issues on my own, due to lack of time and being fairly inexperienced.
We're currently trying to:
Condense variable defining, we've been having trouble with the project undefining key variables because there's too many.
Automate the addition of buildings and their statistics, make it so that the building code isn't being copypasted to the point of it being unhappy because there are too many functions.

If you'd like to help, do notify me, and I'll gladly allow you to assist. A fair warning that the project has been taking a toll on itself in speed, so if you're trying to do something, do not be surprised if it takes hours to load.

AstrumDeorum (142)

@KarleeHawkins Experience and capabilities please!

KarleeHawkins (4)

@AstrumDeorum I am a game developer. I also am a web developer. So I understand the way html works in a game. I have also worked on games similar to this.

AstrumDeorum (142)

@KarleeHawkins Good enoguh for me, you're in.