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Help Needed
PYTHORE3605 (104)

I started making an RPG and I need help finishing it. I need someone to wright the story for it and come up with names for everything. Here is the beginning of it.

Brendan23 (137)

@PYTHORE3605 I think in file, on line 93, change if vs = "sm": to if vs == "sm": adding another =. we need this because with one = python recognizes it as setting the value of something. for example, in your code if vs = "sm": python says, ok so vs is equal to sm(as a string) no problem, but wait vs can't equal sm(a string) and a :.

PYTHORE3605 (104)

@Brendan23 I didn't make it clear but i need help with the story

Samuelak (2)

I'll help out where I can.