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kuyakris (2)

Play here!
HeistCoin is an exotic asset with such high volatility that greedy scammers, fraudsters, and thieves (such as yourself) rob banks of these assets, sell them off at exchanges, escape the cops by leaving town, then doing it all over again in the next town. These robbers won't stop until they get caught by the cops. Even with such high prices shooting to da moon, what good are your hodlings when you'll just end up rekt and in jail?

HeistCoin by PlungerGames

Kris Calabio - Lead Programmer
Mark Calabio - Graphic Designer/Additional Programming
Francis Roberts - Sound Composer

Play here!
Please play in a new tab for optimal experience. If you don't hear any sound, try refreshing the page.

timmy_i_chen (1200)

This was really fun - thanks for making it :D

kuyakris (2)

Hi, I'm Kris! Lead programmer for HeistCoin. This game jam was fun! Here are some tips:

  • The price won't fluctuate until you rob a bank in the current town.
  • If you try to camp and let the price moon, more cops will go after you. Every time the price dips, a new cop car will spawn. When the alarm on top of the cops building is on and you touch the building, you will get caught and it's game over :(
  • You can just leave a town whenever you want. If you see that an exchange or banks are unreachable, just leave town and go to the next.

Please comment with your highscore. My highscore was $12,364,404.49. Can you beat me?