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Hectic Helicopters!

Hello, I'm Brandon Goldfuss, I'm 13 years old. This game, "Hectic Helicopters" was my most ambitious Python game yet. My skills working in Python were great, but I felt like I was making the same projects, again, and again and again. One day the idea struck me, I was playing some old MS-DOS games I found on a laptop my dad owned back from the 90's and something fascinated me about the aesthetic of these games, the games were quite small and addicting and I felt like making a similar game to the ones I played. Things started slow and boring, many things broke and I didn't want to continue it, but either way I pushed through the boring segments and broke the game in to pieces I should work on (the basics). The game, then the graphics. I never really stuck to my rule and I still don't understand why. I had planned several art styles, but I'm no artist. I decided to keep it simple and stylize it to the best I could. The game was coming along smoothly, but the game wasn't hard enough. I ended up adding an anti-aircraft of sorts that you'll see while playing. It had tracking bullets that can be destroyed. Anyways I feel I'm dragging on with this, so I'm just 'gonna end this here. The game was finished in about a week, bug-free and felt just as addicting as the games I played on that computer. Rest in Peace, Old Mountain Texture, I never really cared for you anyway.


It would be nice if it could be full screen, but it was very fun!


Yeah...I used to make games in this style as well (turtlename = Turtle.Pen()), but I hate to break it to you, it doesn't work on I assume you used IDLE on a windows computer, and its kind of different than literallly every other IDE as its written in Python and Tkinter itself. I've found ways to work around this with ASCII art if you'd like to check out my programs.
Hope this helped!


@CarterStutzman1 I completely understand that absolutely hates projects like these. I just ported this over because I was honestly bored. Thanks for the advice though, and yea I do use IDLE on Windows. I'm not willing to use 3GB-7GB on a Visual Studio version of Python. My hard-drive already has enough space used on it...


Doesn’t work on mobile oof