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Heart Background in Css
sn236 (82)

This is a heart background, Just move your mouse to generate hearts.
Any Suggestions are welcome.



Bookie0 (6370)

Very beautiful! ❤️

Maybe you can make it so that when you click, it makes a big heart appear that can wiggle around! :)

Codeverse (158)

This is so impressive! You don't have to add this (and I certainly don't want you to go through so much trouble), but could you make it so you could press the page, and then it starts spewing out hearts, regardless if you are moving your mouse. I want to see the effects, but without the effort. (Yea I'm lazy)😅

sn236 (82)

@Codeverse I will try to add it, but I am not that good at javascript so it might take some time for me to make this change