Happy Birthday, Pos

Ahhhh!!! Happy bdayyyy, Wish you a vey happy bday and an amazing future. I hope your special day will bring lots of happiness to your life. Always be happy and safe! \(^▽^)/ I hope u'll like it we worked so hard lol :p

This site is a Birthday gift for @Lord_Poseidon from whole Repl.it community!

✨Special Thanks to:

@CoolCoderSJ and @Spotandjake for making that haskell animation and @k9chelsea2 for helping with the frontend (〃^▽^〃)

also thanks to kaka, suagr and other ppl who sent the wishes and feedback :)

Note - yes we know its not so responsive but it is what it is we still worked so hard with it.

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Happy bday pos.