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Happy Global Password Day!
hellowrld21 (12)


Hey everyone this is my first post! It happens to be global password day today so I thought I would post a very simple password generator.

thanks to @jsundberg for being a part of the program!
I'm a beginner, so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment!

How to use

Choose your password length and the type of password. Most sites recommend doing at least 8 characters and using all characters.

DynamicSquid (5030)

Global password day? Never knew that was a thing lol

hellowrld21 (12)

yeah lol I didn't know until today when google told me :) @DynamicSquid

InvisibleOne (3230)

So cool it inspired me to do something, so I messed around with some stuff in python and came up with this:

InvisibleOne (3230)

That's due to the way it clears the screen @JackFranzel


Must try "All and Colorful"

JWZ6 (715)

@P0GCHAMPB0i some password generator

hellowrld21 (12)

In honor of Global Password Day, I made a simple password generator. @P0GCHAMPB0i

P0GCHAMPB0i (56)

@hellowrld21 lol i bet that ur gonna get in to my account


@P0GCHAMPB0i i dont think he will because he wont be able to find out what you entered.