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Happy Birthday, Apoorv!!✨
lilykhan (865)

Happy Birthday!🎉

Wish you the best of luck for your future. I hope your special day will bring lots of happiness to your life. Always be happy and safe! (〃^▽^〃)

This site is a Birthday gift for @ApoorvSingal from the whole community! \(^▽^)/

Feel free to send birthday message and anime recommendations on the site.

Note: Please DO NOT send more than one message and do not send any mean or inappropriate message with a false name. Also, try not to recommend more than one anime. Ty.\(^▽^)/

✨Special Thanks to:

@TheDrone7, @k9chelsea2 and @piemadd for making this site!

ApoorvSingal (105)

Thanks guys! The website is soo awesome! I love it! And thank you for all your wishes people!


✨ 🎉 H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ✨ 🎉

CodeSalvageON (613)

@ApoorvSingal Check your mail, Santa denier.

ApoorvSingal (105)

owo I did, didn't find anything tho. What did you send? And how do you have my email lol? @CodeSalvageON

CodeSalvageON (613)

@ApoorvSingal Oh, I don't have your email. The "check your mail Santa denier" is from a meme about the Unabomber.

JWZ6 (714)

@ApoorvSingal btw congrats at 100 cycles :)

MarcusWeinberger (796)

I love the design, and the anime recommendation section is very cool

Codeverse (158)

Happy Birthday!
_Here is a true fictional story!

A Homo Sapien: Uh oh... incoming cake shower! Wait, cake showdown... dang it I just ate lunch! Oh well, captain, we need a giant fridge to catch all the cakes and a huge birthday to to cover up this extraterrestrial(lol I can spell) incident.

The Captain: Well, I checked Replit and it is @ApoorvSingal (Sorry for the mention, I know your inbox is probably blowing up) Birthday!

A Homo Sapien: Why Apoorv?

The Captain: Cuz a lot people commented on the post.

A Homo Sapien: Now we just need a fridge.

The Captain: Do some Homo Sapien magic and make it appear.

A Homo Sapien: Or... I could make all the cakes disappear...

The Captain: How?

(A Homo Sapien called his friends and they start gobbling up the cakes.)

5 centuries later...

The Captain: You finished?

A Homo Sapien: Nahh bruh

100 millennia later...

(A Homo Sapien and his friends finish eating.)

A Homo Sapien: When's our next meal?

The Captain: Faints and forgets to exist.

ApoorvSingal (105)

@Codeverse lmaoo not sure what exactly this story is but Yayy! Thanks!!

Codeverse (158)

@ApoorvSingal That's ok, I guess it is the thought that counts lol

SilvermoonCat (458)
smth sorta inappropriate on there






lilykhan (865)

@SilvermoonCat we have an admin panel to delete 'em, thx for informing :)

SilvermoonCat (458)

@lilykhan np I don’t see it anymore :D

k9chelsea2 (771)

Yea we are sorry about stuff like that if they pop up, we have tried to prevent stuff like this happening but some people just try to find loopholes

RayhanADev (2609)

lol here we go:

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Dear Apoorv!

Happy Birthday to you!



@RayhanADev yay lol

HapPy bIrThDaY DeAr aPoOrV!

CyberHacker101 (136)

Happy Birthday
im always late for everything oof

Wilke000 (636)

My b-day is April 6th, so I'm a little late... but ya, my birthday is on April 6

arivvid27 (30)

oh, btw I did two, but the first one was an accident. it was the wrong anime, hope you can forgive me, sorry. 😅

tussiez (1676)

I like the interactivity, gj! :D

LingWu1 (94)

Happy(late sry) birthday @ApoorvSingal
Say... the only anime or shows I watch is Days and another one I cant remember the name of but its chinese and japanese.

ApoorvSingal (105)

Thanks @LingWu1! noted. Will binge-watch it really soon lmao


Happy Birthday!!

Naruto is really good, both the original and Shippudden :)

ApoorvSingal (105)

Thanks @DREWNOLT! Lol yess! Why do you think they call me kaka


@ApoorvSingal Lol! Do you read the manga, or do you watch the anime?

zplusfour (916)

Happy birthday, @ApoorvSingal!
boku no hero academia is da best ^w^

ApoorvSingal (105)

@zplusfour Thanks zplusfour! Aight, time to binge-watch it then lmao

IntellectualGuy (851)

Happy birthday! How does it feel to have a second quarantine birthday? @ApoorvSingal

ApoorvSingal (105)

@IntellectualGuy Thanks! Lmao I have been in quarantine ever since I started coding...

Bookie0 (6377)

Happy birthday!!

I really like how the words fade at the top of the page, well done! :D

Eumi (2)

This is so cool!






@ApoorvSingal! ✨ 🎉

Whippingdot (676)

Hey good CSS on the site. Also a very sad happy birthday @ApoorvSingal.

AryyanVineeth (18)

Happy birthday Apoorv! Many happy wishes to you and your future!

WilliamXing (52)

Where's you learn this Awesome Node.js?

lilykhan (865)

@WilliamXing node.js is done by none other than our bro H aka @TheDrone7 :)

WilliamXing (52)

Wow! Where did he learn Node.js? @lilykhan

TheDrone7 (1936)

@WilliamXing I did not have any specific place where I learnt it from, just copy-pasted from random places mostly and read my own code later and found what I coded by looking up what each statement does separately. I had my own dumb way of learning lol.

More importantly, what about this backend is impressive lmao, it's awful compared to my own old stuff.

EpicGamer007 (1752)

@ApoorvSingal I would list a bunch of anime in the site but because lily said

Also, try not to recommend more than one anime. Ty.\(^▽^)/

dm me on discord if you want more (im on lily's server)

lilykhan (865)

@EpicGamer007 if they r diff then u can suggest, ppl just suggest every season or movie so it kind of makes the spam that's y I asked not to, but still thx :)

Coder100 (18900)

Happy bday! How old are you now?

s211708 (1)


JamessLennox (1)

Happy Birthday Kaka