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awdimmick (5)

A hangman game written in Python to help teach GCSE Computer Science. Many of the programming techniques required for GCSE CS are implemented.

awdimmick (5)

This is my first posting, so please feel free to leave comments!

Goatlover (3)

For me a bit complicated but i'm still a new coder.
For reference this is what I did but I still like yours.
You could also shorten your code a bit

maxxtandon (9)

Instead of using giant if statements, try arrays, it would be easier to coordinate the placement of the hangman itself. Otherwise, nice program!

awdimmick (5)

@maxxtandon: Thanks, that's a nice idea to use an array to store each row of the gallows/hangman and then display however many rows were necessary depending on the number of incorrect guesses.