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AProgrammer (26)

Simple game of Hangman written in C#

winner (0)

Good code but not playable because it says the word every time you guess a new letter.

AProgrammer (26)

@winner-1: Haha my bad, accidentally left a Console.WriteLine statement I used for debugging. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the feedback!

tirthraj07 (47)

This is amazing! I tried to cheat the system by going into the dictionary.txt file but it literally has like every word in the world and so i wasn't able to cheat! Good work dude! I also liked the way you drew the hangman, mind if i do the same in my project? But Anyways nice work @aprogrammer! This was the best hangman program i have seen on this website!

AProgrammer (26)

@tirthraj07: Thank you so much for the feedback! I don't mind at all if you do the same, go for it! I really appreciate the comment my dude :)