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Handy B0T
John_WardWard (393)

Handy B0T

Handy Bot is not specifically complicated, but deals with task which need to be resolved quickly. For example, Handy B0T can roll a dice and show the time or date. It can also reverse data. Handy B0T is made to do low-level tasks and is not complicated. However, it is a very useful addition to a server. It even includes links to frequently used pages through a command. The prefix for this bot is --, which is extremely nice and memorable, since you will be using it a lot. Handy B0T is made with the library. Here is a gif of it in action:

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Mosrod (552)

@John_WardWard In the future, please report these comments so we can take action quicker

John_WardWard (393)

@Mosrod Sorry to bother you , but I had reported this post.

17kleigh (0)

I can see M's influence here clearly.

Charles686 (0)

Amazing coding! I haven't seen anything like this. Quite unique.

SurfaceBreak (8)

Great bot! Although when looking through your code I was slightly confused because I didn't quite understand what "Import math" was for?

John_WardWard (393)

@SurfaceBreak Sorry, It was unnecessary to add it, I was planning to do something with it in the future, but not at present. I've removed it for now:).