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Hand motion music player
GeorgesB (8)

Hello, I'm Georges from Lebanon currently studying CS. After brainstorming, I started working on a blockchain patenting webapp for musical artists, being a guitarist myself. After trial and error, I realized no central server would be allocated to be able to deploy nodes and I would require some nodes to at least run a proof-of-concept repl. Thus, I dropped the idea after having lost lots of time- which is a luxury I cannot afford between college and work. After being inspired by others as the FAQ stated, I did not want to tackle something visually pleasing; at least not as conventionally as I'd seen. Thus, I used computer vision (handtrack.js and howler.js mainly) to create a web media player controlled by hand motion! You can still use your mouse but why would you when you have your hands?
The waves intended for the music playing are not working yet but that is not the point of the repl anyways.
To play/pause, go up (keep your hand fixed to make it into a "remix" lol)
Previous song left and next song right.
Downwards will pause only.
The models need time to be loaded so be patient, and a relatively powerful machine is needed.
I hope you like it; I'm proud with the end results and will definitely work on it more.
Please take into consideration when judging that, although it might need some fixes, it works!
I chose a hard topic to tackle and hope it will satisfy your needs. Happy coding :)