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Half-life 1 in its entirety on
httsmvkcom (34)

An exact copy of Half-life on the xash engine. The mouse is disabled due to impossibility of use. Look around: the arrow keys on the keyboard, the button is not assigned to shoot because the keyboard for all the usual key is not, and many may not be comfortable with my choice. Set it in the settings. For the folder "valve" from Steam running this repl you agree that you have a licensed copy of "Half-life 1".

And yes, you can change the configuration without entering the game by editing lib/xash3d/valve/config.cfg

Gameplay on the free account, on the account with a subscription 100 FPS.

EpicGamer007 (1606)

how much storage space does it take up?

httsmvkcom (34)

@EpicGamer007 742 MB after comlation, on simple cloudgaming (coming soon to Talk) the archive on my server weighs <250MB(game only)

EpicGamer007 (1606)

@httsmvkcom amasad forked cloudgaming and used it in his blog post for repl boosts.

httsmvkcom (34)

@EpicGamer007 I saw on Twitter, right now the new game files are being uploaded to my tank and after that I will upload cloudgaming to Talk

hMarin (2)
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httsmvkcom (34)

@hMarin Just try it later. Personally, everything works for me. I recommend creating a fork and stretching the screen to the maximum, it will be more convenient

SlickAssassin (5)

This is piracy is it not?

httsmvkcom (34)

@SlickAssassin I would be inclined to "no" because it is not half-life itself, but an exact copy of the engine. Game files are taken from Steam, which is also difficult to call piracy