Announcing contest SPACE 🏆
jajoosam (881)

It's time for another contest! We're not gonna make this one super huge, but promise that it is going to be real good fun to build entries for this one!

So what do you have build?

Web Repls!
But, not just plain old web repls - this contest needs you to make webapps in a certain format!

Let's start by taking a look at an example:

Every time you hit space, the app loads a new dad joke, and a new image 👴 🖼️

That's why the contest is named <SPACE> - you gotta make a repl which when the user hits space! This could be updating an image, text (even both!) - or anything that feels like the main content of the repl. We also recommend that you update the app automatically every so often (you'll see why soon!)

You can use any APIs you want, try Web Scraping, or just make a list of your own!

Get started with examples

You can check out the source for any of these and fork them to get started 👇

Okay, but what do we get?

The winning entry gets a $50 Amazon giftcard + 3 free months of Hacker Plan 💥

Along with that, we're also gonna put up a big screen at HQ - and put up some of the coolest entries there! We recommend you to update the app every 5s so that our screen keeps showing new things ✨

As we're working on making - we'll also have fun when we see the creations y'all have made!

Get going - you have a week from now - until June 12th!

Update - the deadline is now extended to June 20th, 00:00 PST 😄

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jajoosam (881)

@Hacker22 The team shall judge them together :)