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Hack! - Uncover the dark secrets this company holds...
mrsprinkletoes (178)

Hi! This is going to be my game jam entry, and I would love it if you guys could test it out and let me know of any serious bugs there may be. Thanks!


  • also, I suggest viewing the code after you've played as you may discover how to skip parts of the story (by discovering future information)
mkhoi (222)

I like these kind of hacking games thing, terminal are also cool

PythonCoder100 (7)

wow! I really liked this. I hope you win when this is posted into the tournament!

mrsprinkletoes (178)

@PythonCoder100 if you enjoyed this, then also encourage you to check out the mobile game Hacker's Quest, it's free on the appstore and is similar to this but its longer with a deeper story

B0T (16)

aaaa i luv it, its feel pretty cool. i actually enjoying it C:

katyadee (1300)

Hey there! You're welcome to post this on the challenge board, even if it's a WiP

Steven_The_GuyT (373)

I beat it. It was sort of easy, I think you should make it harder by adding more places to go or dead ends.


Theres a bug that dont lets you copy the links or text. It gives you an error and then say "Keyboard Interrupt"

mrsprinkletoes (178)

@IzanLarumbe yeah, unfortunately this is not possible for me to fix as it is replit's command line. if there is some way you think i could fix this let me know!


@mrsprinkletoes Im thinking in some copy-paste API. Let me search for something like that.


@mrsprinkletoes Maybe this:


@IzanLarumbe Actually works on IDE's but i dont know how it will with


HarperframeInc (451)

Instead of replit.clear do:

The replit module has some issues with multiple files. Only use the replit module when you have 1 file!

Have Fun!

mrsprinkletoes (178)

@HarperframeInc I haven't experienced any issues with it yet, however I will probably look into replacing it with that to avoid any possible issues

randomlylelo (39)

Cool game! I don't know if it's intentional, but I can set my name as [space].

mrsprinkletoes (178)

@randomlylelo i could change that. i figured that it didnt matter much as it doesn't actually matter what your name is because it isnt used for anything important, and i dont think it would cause any errors or something in the future.

bossotron13 (72)

When you get the first option to go into mail, when you go in it i dont think you can exit

mkhoi (222)

@bossotron13 You can, just press "h" to get mail help

mrsprinkletoes (178)

like @mkhoi said, if you get stuck then many things will have a help menu with "h" or "help"

797529 (0)

I like your game. It is very fun but you should do some more puzzles to make it more challenging.

greenbean765 (74)

@PythonCoder100 just gotta keep trying stuff. don't give up right away

mdjb4 (17)

Alright. Wouldn't put it up for jamboard

AzureScripts (185)

I do like the concept, but it is a bit complicated

mrsprinkletoes (178)

@AzureScripts perhaps it is a bit complicated, but it's supposed to really make you think of what you have to do