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HTML, Javascript, and CSS editor WITH DARK MODE!

Hi guys, I made this HTML, javascript, and CSS editor using Django. It took me an entire day to make it. Hope you like it!

DIRECTIONS: put in the file name, then the code you want to be executed, then press go. There you will see the result.

On the far right corner, is the button for switching between light, and dark themes.


Bookie0 (5993)

cool start, try adding syntax highlighting


@Bookie0 Thanks! I don't exactly know-how, but I'll try it


@Bookie0 hi, so i tried doing the highlighting, and installed and all. The files, and stuff worked, but when I ran it, it didn't. Do you have any idea, or suggestions on how to do it?



Um, I don't know what that means but, does it work now?
Also, by the way, could you please change the color back, I don't know how you did that, but please change it back, thanks!

SixBeeps (5060)

You should sandbox the code so that this doesn't happen


@SixBeeps its probably because you didn't press run, you have to press run, then go. and the result will be there.