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Guess The Fashion Designer
reynaV (1)

This is a quiz about fashion designer brands such has what they are worth? What are their symbols? And what colors are their bags.

CodeMaster007 (108)

Cool! One thing I noticed is that the console overlaps in a certain point. One way to fix this is by writing the code in a different way. Here is a what you wrote and my revised one....

guess1 = input("What Store Was Created In Milano Italy?") #this is your code

what I would this is this...

import time #this puts time in there
print ("What Store Was Created In Milano Italy?") #this is the question
time.sleep(1) #this holds off the program for 1 second so they can think
Guess1 = input() #this is what the person taking the quiz will write
if Guess1=="Prada": #this is saying if the person types prada, it will do the following command
print("Correct")#this is the respond for prada
else: #this means if the person types something other than prada, the following will go on
print("Incorrect")#this is the response for not prada

Btw, you can copy and paste the code in there. This is really a matter of preference but the code above looks better and is more neat.