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🛒 Grocery Run 🧻
PYer (4015)

The 380th and deadliest wave yet of covid-19. The entire world is in full quarantine - yet, you are out of toilet paper...

In this deadly situation, what should you do?

Escape from your home and hunt through stores for the last rolls left.

Stay social-distanced from the other people 👨.
Keep an eye out, and don't run into walls 🧱.
Avoid the deadly infected people 🤢,
And the covid trails they leave 🦠.
Race against an arsonist, and dodge the fire 🔥.
Break through the locked vaults 🚪.
Don't anger the guards 👮.
Avoid the slippery sections of the store ️⚠️.
And discover the secret passegeways 🧱.

To help you on your advenutre, use items found in the store.
🧼 Soap to help you fight covid.
🧯 Fire extinguisher to fight fires.
🔑 Key to unlock the vaults.
🥤 Energy drink to help you move faster.
🔫 Gun to fight the people.
🥽 X-ray goggles to help find the secret passegeways.

And if you make it to the end (Beat lvl 50)?

You'll be rewarded with the completion poem (a masterpiece)

This began as a test to try and bring the terminal style graphics system to a web page. Then I decided I could make a relevant game. :)

Check out the GroceryRun Level Maker, make your own levels and share.
Check out the GroceryRun Community Levels, to see the ones other people have made, or to play your own, once they've been approved.

PYer (4015)

Ahhh... I love that poem. It's my best piece of literature. @Orca20

Orca20 (73)

@PYer yeah it's great lol

TalinSharma (77)

Wow... What a great poem. Srsly it rhymes.!


SreyasSabbani (62)

@PYer, do you think you could've made this in Python?

PYer (4015)

Yes! I definitely think I can. I think it would've been easier. This would be easily adaptable to a terminal game. @SreyasSabbani





are u so good at poems mine are terrible 😭

P0GCHAMPB0i (56)

@TheC0derGirl maybe you shuld do limericks...

SamHust05 (1)

@Orca20 very good poem hahaha


Lol! So cool! Even the poem is.

PYer (4015)

Hello everybody. One of my wishes when I first released the game was to have people create their own levels to share with others, and that I could add on to the game (if I liked them). Therefore, I made the GroceryRun Level Maker. Especially for those of you who have completed the game already, here's a way you can have more fun with the same idea. @QuinnDuncan @Baconman321 @nro2collaborate @JWZ6 @SelenaYang1 @Orca20 @TsunamiOrSumth @Sidhub723 @IsaiahTorres2 @thetwinkybob @sojs @IntellectualGuy @bonnym512 @JacobMcPherson1 @BananaJellyfish @IronStarkMan @OldWizard209 @Pythonier @SudhanshuMishra @Whippingdot @DynamicSquid @TestOP

tussiez (1676)

@PYer That's the most pings I've seen in one comment

JBloves27 (1901)

pyer is a gud repl citizen tho... idk. ima wait and see @tussiez

PYer (4015)

Oof. Guess I shouldn't have done that. @JBloves27


@PYer ping parade

Code1Tech (106)

@PYer Check out my map, I think it's pretty hard lol.

noway15 (97)

@PYer wait I completed it too


I wonder if anyone could beat mine.




@PYer, Check this! You could use it as level 25. [[".",".",".",".","~","p",".",".","g",".","v"],["-","s",".",".","~",".",".",".","k","w","w"],["c","s","i",".",".",".",".",".","g",".","t"],["s","s",".",".","~",".",".",".","k","w","w"],[".",".",".",".","~","p",".",".","g",".","v"]]


Night of the living dead:

LaneMartin (108)

Lol this is so 2020 but it's still good

PYer (4015)

Lol the idea came in 2020. But it was just a random repl I had started. Really started developing it about 4 days ago. @LaneMartin

P0GCHAMPB0i (56)

When you see a girl in the grocery:


I completed the game and saw the Pyer poetry 2021 and then it went to this screen:

@PYer Please fix!

Orca20 (73)

Major spoiler: for level 43, the hidden ones in chronological order from top to bottom are 5th one, 2nd one, 1st one, and 3rd one (I didn't cheat, just tried them 1 by 1...)

PYer (4015)

... there might be more that you didn't find ... @Orca20

Orca20 (73)

@PYer hmm true, but I don't necessarily need more to pass the level :D

Orca20 (73)

@PYer wow level 48 is insanely hard

Interlink (23)

wow, knew it was gonna be sick but this is awesome, updoot.

MeghaArora (2)


P0GCHAMPB0i (56)

@PYer bruh i cant even read that but it says big cool i guess

KhShahid (13)

how to compelete the level 40

TheCoder333 (0)

I ment repls, not repl

PYer (4015)

Ok lol that makes more sense. @TheCoder333

TheInventor999 (0)

@TheCoder333 Your repls are good, TheCoder333

TheCoder333 (0)

This is a very s=good game I hope my repl will be as good

julianNnn (1)

level 2 is IMPOSSIBLE

mollthecoder (34)

@julianNnn Man, I think level 1 is much harder.

FloCal35 (671)

Bruh I can't get past 40

DrakeMClark (8)

i just realized what you mean by 380th wave of covid, you have lost your faith in humanity

PYer (4015)

Not all of it. Just their ability to deal with the pandemic lol. @DrakeMClark

KaisersChannel (4)

Wow, nice game!!!!! Although I'm stuck at 8 currently, I am still enjoying it. Well done!

PYer (4015)

Thanks! Hope you have even more fun completing it. @KaisersChannel

stupidTruthabou (0)

how it going with your project?

CoderSloth909 (1)

This game is so cool!

ellis0samuel (0)

how do i play the game?

PYer (4015)

Use the arrow keys to move. @ellis0samuel The goal and other instructions of the game will be described throughout.

noway15 (97)

sigh why are all the best games blocked? thankfully I forked the repl and played the game

noway15 (97)

@PYer btw the poem... a true masterpiece wwhich deserves to be classed with all the others - Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Michelangelo's The Sistine Chapel, Van Gogh's Starry Night, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, not to mention many others.

Muffinlavania (1527)

@PYer Its either them or the toilet paper
And I choose the toilet paper

Muffinlavania (1527)

@PYer also you should have made it the 420th wave of covid


FunkeDev (4)

level 29 is so harddd