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Grimhelm V1
JamesXin (14)

This'll probably get buried but hail mary

What is Grimhelm?

Grimhelm is a RPG game written entirely in PyGame Python by my friend Parker and I, where you the player travel in a randomly generated 15x15 grid world sort of in lieu of Dwarf Fortress's Adventure mode which heavily inspired this game. It gives us an opportunity to learn new skills using python, such as using multithreading, and gives us something to do during the ghetto geometry and study hall. Currently, the game is on very bare bones and barely beyond the prototype phase.

Ok cool how do I play?

During the "travel" phase, you can use WASD visit various towns, cities, mountains, grasslands, etc. until you bump into a Ferret, currently the only beast, where you'll be flung into a 1v1 arena style duel. There you'll use WASD to move and J to attack, K to shield, and L to cast a class unique spell which we totally have implemented already

What do y'all have planned?

Oh boy (in hopefully order of implementation):

  • Spells
  • More bosses
  • Items
  • Classes
  • Quests
  • Actual terrain generation
  • TBD

I hate the game.

Fine by me :P

Question, comments, concerns? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Drop them below

Until next time,
Good Freaking Yard