Coder100 (17058)


Have you ever wanted to drive around and smash into things? How about doing cool stunts with your cars? Maybe play some parking games? How about playing soccer with cars? This game has all 4 things! Poggers!

Special thanks to @angrydoge and @OldWizard209 for their suggestions and beta testing!

How to play

It's included in the instructions, but:

  • Arrow keys/WASD to move.
  • Press H to toggle between cars.
  • Press Shift for SPEED
  • If you crash, press R to not crash
  • If you want to go skrrt press X (brakes)
  • Press C to go to third person.

Skrrt sold seperately.


the car... it's so shiny it reflects!

car go brrr

yes, you have 3 cars. Use H to switch!

You can get more screenshots if you play the game lol


There is now a carousel! Car go spinnn
There is now a Stonehenge! Now you can test how durable stonehenge is.
There is now a Letter H! Not quite sure where you can find this in the world...
You now have a super low chance of going off the map, and even if you did the program will reset your position.
You can now toggle off reflection for more performance. Press 1 to do this.
Bruhh... notice anything different? No more unity logos!
Psst... open source: https://github.com/CursorwebGames/3DCarGame
Psst... itch.io plz check it out: https://cursorgames.itch.io/3d-karz


Have fun!
Also I had a lot of fun with baking lights so that's nice

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proryan (74)

Great Game but I have two suggestions:
1. Add multiplayer where you can join the game with link or some code
2. Maybe improve the design of the car maybe?

TheSummit3145 (23)

@proryan 1 would be hard cus coder would have to do some networking stuff and someone would have to host the server

Coder100 (17058)

@TheSummit3145 yeahh I'll want to rewrite it in three

TheSummit3145 (23)

@Coder100 u dont have to
unity has its own multiplayer functionality i think

GoldenFox5313 (0)

@TheSummit3145 I think UNet code has issues when used with the newer versions of Unity (2018.4 and up).