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Diamond Risk

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I would call this my best game I have ever made. To win the game, you have to get to as many diamonds as you can without dying. You actually need to be the biggest robber in the world. Write your highscores in the comments. Thanks to

for giving me lots of suggestions and helping me code. And also
for helping me a bit at the starting.


  • The casino ( * I am adding more games to this * )
  • The leaderboard ( * Tell me your scores in the comments and I will add it to the leaderboard * )
  • The gun ( * You can use this while highwaymaning as well * )
  • Highwaymaning ( * Fight random people on the street * )
  • Jobs ( * Random people will ask you to get random things for them for diamonds. * )
  • Fake Calling ( * Here you will call random people, trying to get their bank account number, so you can hack into their account. * )

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